Parent Partnership

We know that choosing a nursery is a difficult decision, so at Kids Start we strive to make the transition to nursery as smooth as possible. When your child starts at our nursery, the journey together begins. We embrace all our families as we make small steps to the next stage in your child’s development.

After your initial look-around, we will work with you to plan your child’s settling in sessions. These are tailored to your child and are different for everyone. We will introduce you and your child to their key-worker, who will show them round the room and engage them in an activity and encourage your child to explore what there is to do. We are happy to arrange sibling time if you have more than one child at the nursery. This not only helps to develop the bond between siblings, but also aids the children while they are settling in.

All the fun activities that you do with your child at home are important in supporting their learning and development.  These activities also have a really long lasting effect on your child’s learning as they progress through the school.

Even when your child is very young and is not yet able to talk, talking to them helps them to learn and understand new words and ideas.

At Kids Start, we use the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to shape our planning, so that we can make sure the activities we do follow your child’s unique needs and interests.  An important part of this is learning from parents about their child’s learning and development, so please talk to your child’s key-worker at anytime to let them know about your child.

We have successfully implemented ‘Tapestry’ our online learning journal. This programme enables us to document and monitor your child’s learning and achievements. It also enables parents to share all those activities you get up to away from the nursery. This information helps us at Kids Start to really get to know your child and it is an essential tool in planning our activities to meet your child’s needs.

We produce summaries and reports on your child’s learning and development three times a year and hold Parents Evening once a year. These evenings are a great way to catch up not only with your child’s key-worker, but with the directors, managers and other staff who work across the nursery. There is also opportunity to get involved in some music and sample Marco’s delicious food!